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Zoom Mens Pro Bib - Pray For Speed
Zoom Mens Pro Bib - Pray For Speed
Zoom Mens Pro Bib - Pray For Speed

Mens Pro Bib - Pray For Speed

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From the mind of Safa Brian comes the second Pray for Speed ideation. Partnering with Portuguese artist Prodius, “The Portal” came to life.

When the edges of your vision blur and time slows down, you have entered the portal. Speed ticks up, and everything but the road ahead disappears. Nothing is left to do but pray for speed and enjoy the ride to the other side.

The new season Pro Bib offers a prime example of outstanding versatility & durability. Arriving with a multitude of enhanced features including a 65% recycled nylon composition. The improved elevation pad ensures superior comfort on even the longest of rides, whilst pro-ventilated elastic brace paneling, our highly regarded shock absorption technology and patented antimicrobial hydrophilic chamois make it the ultimate riding bib. Suitable for all-day wear, in all climates & conditions.


Usage: All Disciplines

Distance: All-day comfort

Fabric: Tech dense-knit fabric panel

Gripper: Pro (70mm)

Brace: Anti-chafe seamless strap


Colour: Blue

Density: 140kg/m³

Layers: 5

Foam: TRS2

Fabric: Soft-Tech Hydrophilic

Antimicrobial: Yes

S.A.T: Yes

Mens Pro Bib - Pray For Speed

£99.00 Regular price £169.00


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